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Foursquare Family Values

Relationship - Trustworthy - Integrity - Responsive

Foursquare Insurance Agency was founded in 2011 when two captive insurance agents felt the strong desire to have more options for their clients. We began our journey with a single appointment and have earned the trust of our carriers and our clients one at a time. Over the last decade Foursquare has grown our “Insurance Family” with top ranked companies and outstanding personnel to service the increasing demand for quality and service that today’s consumer demands. We currently have many competitive, top notch companies to meet the needs of all our clients. Our goal is to make Foursquare Insurance a household name in Oklahoma and Texas that is synonymous with Excellence. We strive to accomplish this by becoming family to our clients as we walk through life’s good times and challenges together. Our desire is to earn your trust and become your Insurance Agency for life!

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We care about you!

Foursquare is a company built on Relationship. Building relationship begins with a conversation. We exist to protect families and help provide solutions to the ever-changing world around us. We want to celebrate your new farmhouse, your long-awaited new car purchase, or your new baby. We will also be there to hold your hand through a car accident or when your hot water heater bursts. We want to be part of your family and you part of ours.

Foursquare is Trustworthy. Trust must be earned. We believe it begins with understanding each client’s individual needs and making their needs our own. We provide insurance solutions based on what each client needs not simply providing a copycat quote of some other company that may or not have done their homework. We listen to our clients, do our research and offer solutions. We explain coverages line by line, so each client is protected in a manner that best suits their needs and budget.

We act with Integrity. Our Independence gives us the ability to offer multiple solutions at different price points so we can do the right thing for the customer every time. We choose to be transparent about the policies we write so that clients benefit from the long-lasting results of a well-written policy and they are covered when it matters most. We take ownership of our work and our responsibilities to the clients we serve.

Foursquare is Responsive. We strive to get our customers the help they need as quickly as possible and have multiple platforms to achieve that goal. Old fashioned phone calls are welcomed and greeted with a smile! We have www.foursquareinsurance.com where customers can access their policy information 24/7. Most of our carriers also offer their own apps that make ease of doing business a snap. We also have text available for those that prefer to communicate with their thumbs!

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